- Rules & Regulations -

We hope that our guests will enjoy the use of our facilities, keeping in mind the needs and interests of their fellow campers.

In order to ensure the safety and utmost enjoyment of all our campers, we have placed the following rules into effect.

A credit card must be on file for every check in, as well as a phone number and address. Check out time is 11:30, and check in time is noon. Please be sure to clean up your site and leave it orderly for the next guest to arrive at noon or after your check out date.

Please exercise great care when driving on the campground property. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour. Remember young children may be playing in the area and can appear very suddenly. Don't let an accident spoil your camping experience.

The back flow valve must be left in place, and the sewer valve must be placed back on the sewer inlet upon checkout. If either of these two items are missing, your credit card will be charged for them.

Firecrackers and fireworks of any kind are absolutely not permitted.

Firearms of any type must be cased at all times, and never be used under any circumstance.

Because of liability reasons no pools over 8ft in diameter and over 2' deep. Also, no trampolines are allowed.

We are not to be held liable for any damages caused by nature. (I.E. tree branch falls on truck)

We are not to be held liable for any injuries sustained during your stay at the campground.

Vehicles, motorcycles, trailers etc. must be kept within the lot rented by vehicle owner. Storage for additional vehicles that will not fit on the lot rented is available at an extra charge in designated area.

Bicycle riding is permitted only during daylight hours in the campground area.

No off-road motorcycles, golf carts, battery operated ride on toys,

Pets are welcome if they are kept on a leash, cleaned up after, and are quiet so as not to disturb other campers. Pets should be accompanied by their owners at all times and should not be left at the campground unattended.

The showers and restrooms are there for your convenience,
please help keep them clean. Please make sure all water taps, including showers are closed tightly after use.

Fires are permitted only in the fire rings provided at each camping site. You may purchase firewood at the convenience store during their open hours.
Please use extreme caution when extinguishing cigarettes, cigars and matches and dispose of any unused portion properly.
Please make sure to have the properly sized and insulated electrical cords if using electrical hookups.

Place all garbage in the garbage bags provided. Only one bag of garbage is allowed per day. At checkout please place the bags in the dumpsters marked. If you need another bag, please ask for one at the main office.

Each site must be maintained by the occupant. Garbage must be picked up and disposed of. Any messes left behind will be penalized by a $50 charge to your credit card. You will be notified by phone or mail if this happens.

Quiet time begins at 10:00 pm. Respect the fellow campers. They may have traveled a long way and want to sleep.

In case of dangerous weather, Willow Creek personnel or other officials will drive through the campground to notify campers of weather. It is the camper's responsibility to seek the shelter suggested by the personnel or officials. 
Please call Craig at 507-261-1329 or 911 if an emergency situation occurs!

Cutting green growth, peeling bark, or driving nails into trees is not permitted under any circumstances. Please respect the beauty of our surroundings.

Please use proper language that is appropriate for every one of all ages. everyone is here to relax and have a good time. Please keep noise levels within your campsite.

There is to be NO blocking of other unrented campsites.  There may be campers  coming in the evening or early morning and if there is a vehicle or any other items blocking their space you will be charged for that days rent.